Hanna & Freddie

Hanna & Freddie

Here I am, pregnant for the first time aged 43. As an expectant first-time mum, so many worries were running through my mind. ‘Freddie’s First’ was born out of concern for my unborn baby’s delicate skin. As someone who’d spent years battling chronic skin conditions, my worst fear was Freddie having to experience the same trauma growing up that I’d been through. This posed the question, who do I trust with baby’s sensitive skin?

The magic of owning an established cosmetics brand is that I get to work with the worlds most amazing skincare scientists day-in day-out. So, we set to work, creating four essential products I could feel confident using on Freddie from birth. The brief was limiting but simple. Natural, vegan and cruelty-free went without saying. We decided to formulate Fragrance-Free. And I also wanted the range to offer prebiotic benefits to support baby’s delicate skin microbiome. We cherry picked organic botanicals to support holistic healing and chose only the very kindest, gentlest ingredients for every product.

The range would not be complete without our Baby Biotic. A children’s version of our best-selling liquid probiotic, with added marshmallow and ginger + 100% of a child’s recommended Vit C and Vit D.

Sustainability played a huge role in the packaging we chose for Freddie’s range. Our skincare bottles are 100% recycled using plastics that were destined to end up in the ocean, our beautiful textured labels can be thrown straight into the recycling without peeling them from the bottles, and we picked a modern air-pump for our Baby Lotion which is also 100% recycled and recyclable with no need to remove pesky little metal springs. Our Freddie’s First Gift Boxes are made using 100% recycled card sourced from Europe and we’ve used vegan inks across the range. As with the main range, our wonderful artists Grace and Gina have worked hard to create the most gorgeous designs, with beautiful colours that playfully pop.

It’s been an absolute joy to use these products on Freddie’s baby skin and I truly hope they offer a trusted lifeline for you and your little one for many years to come.